Investors are requested to note that pursuant to the advisory issued by AMFI, it is hereby declared that September 29, 2023, Friday will be a Business day for all the Schemes of 360 ONE Mutual Fund (Formerly known as IIFL Mutual Fund) [including Debt and Liquid Schemes]  

IIFL Mutual Funds. Our mutual fund offerings are uniquely structured and positioned as leaders in their respective niche areas. Concentrated picks and the freedom from benchmarking constraints have helped us generate significant alpha for our investors.


Investment Philosophy

Our investment strategy endeavours to achieve growth at reasonable prices. A combination of top-down and bottom-up filters enable us to discover unique investment opportunities.

We seek investments that are available at a discount to their intrinsic value and can generate a compounded return of 15-20%. A comprehensive risk matrix allows us to weigh every opportunity on a risk-adjusted basis.

In an endeavour to minimize risks, we strategically deploy funds in the debt markets whilst targeting protection of capital as well as liquidity.